Jenine is going to replace Soohong.

Roberta has always been very good to me.

I want to want.

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Would you be friends with me?


I decided to visit the United States on this account.

June is going to be there, too.

Walt hit a bogey.

Be sure and remember to write a letter.

The doctor's careful examination of the patient brought about his speedy recovery.


Look after her.

Tell me again.

Don't let anyone sit here.

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Casual speech is fine.

Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and eight times out of nine I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities.

Do you want to play cowboys and Indians?

It was worth every penny.

Fingerprints left in the room proved the murderer's guilt.

She is fighting for the liberation of the oppressed natives.

He has numerous friends in the Diet.


She has gone shopping.

I was surprised to get your call.

What did she buy at that store?

Svante and his friend John were swimming close to shore when a strong undertow carried them out to sea.

You dare not eat me!


I had to sip the coffee because it was too hot.

Syd stopped drinking.

Is Butler still single?

Gregge tried to talk Andy into doing it.

It was their fault.


Are you calling from Germany?

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I can't imagine my life without Laurie.

I'll be away for a while and expect to be back towards the end of next month.

Everything happens according to the will of God.


You're a fast worker.

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Does anyone here have any money?

Come home early.

She made jam from the apples.


I'm not going to make fun of Leora.

It is no use trying to convince him of that.

Barton didn't need to finish that work by today.

I have already written a letter.

Culture shock is often described as an emotional rollercoaster.

Mount St. Helens is a volcano located in the state of Washington.

And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.


This CD costs $10.

When does the performance end?

I do trust you, Nguyen.

Try playing this scale.

I was with them last night.

That doesn't sound very exciting.

We all want something.

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Why do I have to tell Aimee?

We gazed at the beautiful scenery.

This is never going to happen.

I'd like to see the doctor.

It wasn't really a fight.

Our universe is expanding.

Steve said he didn't know what was wrong.

Did you talk to your classmates yesterday?

Lukas worked for Norm.

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The sun shone on William through the branches.

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If it rains tomorrow, she will not come here.

They went to Australia, didn't they?

Victoria said he wasn't sure he could do it.

Lawrence despised Ronni.

I will meet him at the bus stop.


We are very sorry that your order was damaged.

Jinny is a very good painter.

She is 8 months pregnant.

The effectiveness of this method was confirmed by the experiences of many people.

"Do you love him?" "What?" "Do you love him?" "That's none of your business!"

We've got to find another way to get in.

I don't mind doing that for you.

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Srinivas doesn't eat red meat.


Have you been in a fight?

Have you finished reading today's paper yet?

I can't undo it.

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Don't, Micky! it's awful.

I don't blame you for the accident. It wasn't your fault.

Vickie and Penny were in the same class last year.

In some areas of the world, you can still get sued if you slander or libel a deceased person.

She's vital to the mission.

Don't talk to me like I'm a child.

I don't want Jeannette to make a fuss.

Plans are under way to build a new city hospital.

This car will never make it to Boston.


There are too many victims of police brutality.

They moved in the same circles.

It's an anachronism.

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I'm baking a cake for Serdar's birthday.


Since the computer here can't change the system, I can't do anything.

He resigned from the post.

May I accompany you?

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Helen was crying out.

This is a story about a little boy named Oliver.

I can do that for Jerry.

You don't know what it's like to lose all your family in a war.

I'm never happier than when I'm by myself.


Pete and Denis are trying to have a baby.


You're the one who suggested buying this computer.

There is always the risk of losing all the data on your hard disk.

I wouldn't mind to have such patience of Job either.

Is this amount inclusive of GST, or does it have to be added on?

I like your room.


I can't remember either.

Subra was out of breath.

Have you told any of this to Juan?

Everyone is waiting for Tammy to say something.

Mitch smiled thoughtfully.

Alice wears a sweet perfume.

Have you ever been to Scandinavia?


Skip knows he doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.


What did Case put into the bag?

Something here isn't quite right.

Let's give Warren a chance to do the right thing.


Avoid prolonged use of the console. To help prevent eye strain, take a break of about 15 minutes during every hour of play.

This is about you, isn't it?

He has a full beard.

Irvin didn't like the way Surya ironed his clothes.

Will anyone be disappointed?

Don't go there.

Broken glass lay scattered all over the road.

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How can I update this software?


He looks cute in his uniform.

What should we do first?

To look at him, you could hardly believe it.

This is the place where the battle of Hastings took place.

I haven't heard anything.

He thinks he's God's gift to women.

Some things just never change.

The numerical values shown above derive from Hobson's simulation.

I have just had a good idea.

The children played outside until dark.

Joseph trusts Blaine.


Yamada isn't popular with girls in his own grade, but he's popular with the younger girls at school.

I don't trust him any more.

What's on the air this evening?


We don't understand English at all.

Have you done with the paper?

You are one of us.

Jeany really didn't say much.

The police found no signs of foul play in the apartment.

I've found her.

Just tell me what happened.

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A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.

The decision was made for him.

Please give me a little more time to think about it.

She works here, but her office is actually on the second floor.

Ralph likes taking walks with Darrell.

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The free market system is endangered.

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His son wants to be a lawyer.


Go have fun.

Hey, wait a second.

It conforms to the requirements of logic.


To apply further analysis to documents and files matching the keywords and find the hidden truth is "knowledge".


Can we get help for them?


I'm really proud of it.

Here's a novel idea.

What is the altitude of the plateau?